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Treat your Piece

Wash your piece only when truly necessary to preserve its shape and radiant color!

  1. Preferably hand wash: Fill a sink with lukewarm water and mild detergent, and gently swish the item avoiding twisting or wringing.

  2. Machine wash with lots of caution: Use a gentle cycle and cold or warm water, avoiding hot water to prevent shrinking or damage.

  3. Dry flat: Lay cotton crochet pieces flat to dry, avoiding hanging to maintain their shape.

  4. Use minimal fabric conditioner: Avoid using excessive fabric conditioner to prevent stiffness and maintain softness.


All yarn we purchase locally in Kenya from Osona Yarns. Some are produced in Kenya, others imported.

Organic cotton

Made from pesticide-free cotton grown using natural methods and substances, promoting environmental sustainability and soil fertility. Processed without toxic chemicals, using azo-free sustainable dyes and chlorine-free bleaching, ensuring natural and eco-friendly production.

Feels fresh on the skin, absorbs sweat and doesn’t itch.

Currently, it is not possible to source locally-produced organic cotton in Kenya.

Milk cotton

Composed of milk fibre and acrylic with a natural sheen. Milk protein fibre is made from milk casein, a byproduct of the dairy industry. The inclusion of acrylic makes it a semi-synthetic material at the same time improving its durability and strength.

A soft, cotton-like texture and feel that can also keep you warm in the cold.

Some of the acrylic yarn we use is produced locally in Kenya.

Size Guide

To make sure you choose the right size we include a size guide below.

In case you are between sizes or unsure about the best-fitting size, you can request a custom fit here.

Garments in cm


Garments in inches


Request a custom fit with your personal measurements.